Premises Liability


I had just parked my car in the mall parking lot.  It was one of those bathroom days, too much coffee, too much water.  My bladder was in the year 1889, May 31, precisely, and it felt like Lake Conemaugh being prevented from bursting by the South Fork Dam... read more


I was sitting at lunch with a group of father lawyers and a lawyer mother “to be” when the subject of raising children reared its Cerberusan head.  I was the only one present with forty years of experience in the field, although I didn’t have a degree in early... read more


I was sitting in my Colorectal Surgeon’s office this morning. If you have read my blog entitled “My Colonoscopy,” you know my thoughts on the procedure. As I was sitting in his waiting room today at 11:45 a.m. waiting for my 11:00 a.m. appointment to start, I glanced at... read more


I was having one of those squeeze your dick head closed events. I was on the NJTP; I either reached the rest area or I pissed my pants. That easy. Your penis actually talks to you at these times. It’s not like when you have BUSS (backed up sperm... read more

Chai, Oh, Chai

When chai first appeared on the US marketplace, I knew a woman, a friend of one of my ex-wives, who when asked if she wanted coffee or tea after a meal would tilt her nose upward and with as much pretense and arrogance as she could muster say, “I’ll... read more

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The Accidental Lawyer Background

The Accidental Lawyer Background