Liquor Liability


The red and blue flashing lights of the vehicle behind me went on.  Damn it, the second time for the day.  While I was walking my date to her car, I saw the police car drive past the parking lot of the restaraunt /bar we had been in, and... read more


I was walking north along Broad Street towards Billy Penn in Philadelphia around 1989 or 1990 after a deposition when I noticed the silver haired managing partner of a competitor  defense firm approaching, Jonathan Pennington.  I now worked as a young lawyer as a civil defense attorney in the... read more


It was about midnight on a warm summer evening.  I had returned from visiting a girl friend and miniature golfing with my blood brother. He rode shot gun for me this evening.  When you need someone to ride shotgun, you always want a blood brother.  I was sitting watching... read more

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The Accidental Lawyer Background

The Accidental Lawyer Background