They sat in the living room of his childhood home.  One little boy sat on French made, albin colored couch with macaw colored ivy waving through the couches fabric.  The couch was stuffed with goose feathers.  It was soft and absorbed the body. He had “passed out” on the... read more


Joseph, husband of Mary, stepfather of Jesus sat on a small handwoven rug in the mud hut he had constructed for the family. He sat with his legs folded in a dirty, yet white prom dress. The family consisted of just the three of them at this time.  Joseph... read more


Black Lives Matter.  White Female Lives Matter. Hispanic Lives Matter. Policemen’s Lives Matter. Russian Lives Matter. Fundamentalist Arab Lives Matter. Osama Bin Laden’s Life Mattered. Gay People’s Lives matter. Seal Team Six’s Lives Matter. White male lives matter. Transgender lives matter. I believe if we expand the “Black Lives... read more


A man wearing out of style cargo shorts carrying wrapping paper and snippers was obliviously casually, searching and strolling through a beautifully manicured battle field of hyacinth, snowdrops, crocus, geraniums and marigolds.  These flowers all framed and protected the Queens of the garden, the aromatic Roses.  It was an... read more


I decided I should visit the office to assist struggling lawyers.  I was taken on a tour of the building which helped me identify histories finest New Jersey lawyers.  I think the purpose of this was to impress me.  I enjoyed the art work but didn’t give a shit... read more


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The Accidental Lawyer Background

The Accidental Lawyer Background